My name is Tram, Visual & UX Designer with 8+ years of work experience in-house and in agencies. Originally from France, I'm currently based in Toronto.

I started my journey as a Graphic and Web designer. When working on websites, one of my favourite part is to build the site maps and the wireframes. I like thinking about the why and the how in the early stages of a project in order to build solid foundations.

With my mixed training of UX Design and Visual Design, I like to see the bigger picture to be able to create user-centered, accessible and inclusive experiences.

I am...



I like to keep creative in a lot of different ways: digital illustrations, baking, making jewelry, a bit of photography or playing with my portfolio and random design concept to experiment.


I'm curious by nature and love discovering and learning new things. It can take many forms: travels (when we're not in a pandemic), courses, reading or trying new activities.


All work and no fun doesn't work, so in my spare time I love watching movies, live theatre and musicals, playing video games (very much into FFXIV right now), hiking and doing anything food related.

You can contact me with one of the links below (full résumé available on request)