Digital Illustrations


Illustration is mostly a hobby of mine. But I find that it can be helpful when creating icons or other smaller illustration work.

Little Shop of horrors

I made these illustrations based on some doodles I drew on sticky notes. They're inspired by one of my favourite musicals, Little shop of Horrors. Each one based on a different musical number.

Illustration - Little Shop of Horrors, Grow for me Illustration - Little Shop of Horrors, Suppertime Illustration - Little Shop of Horrors, Don't feed the plants

Illustrated Recipes

I love baking and I created these to have a visual representations of some of my used recipes.

Illustration - Crepes Illustration - Brownies Illustration - Creme Caramel Illustration - Financiers Illustration - Chouquettes Illustration - Tiramisu

Various cute illustrations

Besteas Lunar new year tiger Flantastic Love you a latte